Blubrry Releases New WordPress HTML5 Podcasting Plugin

Blubrry PowerPress HTML5 - LogoBlubrry recently released a new version of their PowerPress Plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites. The plugin makes it really easy to put together a podcast and make it work with browsers that support HTML5. When you post podcasts on your blog, they appear just like regular posts, but with attachments. When your visitors come to your site and view your post, they will see either a Flash-based audio / video player OR the native HTML5 browser player. This future-proofs your podcast. Also, the plugin makes it easy to syndicate your podcast to iTunes. iTunes syndication is complex and requires a lot of code without the use of an easy-to-use plugin. It supports audio and video podcasts.

You can see the plugin in action with HTML5 on my post / podcast about the freemium model and promo codes.

Here is a video from Blubrry explaining how to set up the plugin:

Podcasting is a lot of fun. If you are interested in podcasting, join my LinkedIn group, Podcast Producers.


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