Business DIED with Facebook. Rebirth can be META and REAL.

Facebook is on the decline and Zuckerberg is abandoning ship. He’s not leaving… he’s going to new seas… blue oceans if you will. Facebook is losing revenue due to privacy changes on iOS / iPhone platforms and his advertisers are hurting.

Like many successful people, Zuckerberg is pivoting. He doesn’t own the iPhone platform, so he’s moving to a new platform he has an early advantage in — the metaverse. He bought Oculous years ago and it’s finally coming together.

The metaverse will be a huge disruptor and many small and large businesses that had an easy time generating revenue using Facebook Ads will now have to shift. What will they do? They need to own their own platforms — blogs and Websites, and be more omnichannel in places like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Investing in your own platforms are key. If we can’t compete on money or first-mover advantage, we must be unique and bring our voice to the market. There are so many ways to branch out… build related software, physical products, and perhaps prepare for tools and content for the new metaverse…

If you are competing with someone or some company you admire remember that if aim to catch up to them at some point you will be where they once were… they will be on to another blue ocean because truly successful people and companies never stand still.

The best halls have no echoes. Walk alone. Onward.