Is Ecosia the Search Engine You’ve Been Looking For?

I currently have a 9% bounce rate for from a search engine called “” It’s a newer search engine that donates ad revenue from searches to tree planting efforts. It’s a search engine with an ethos.

Foraging for a Search Engine Change

Does an ethos matter in something so utilitarian as Internet searches? Well, a 9% bounce rate from is half the bounce rate I’m currently getting from Google and significantly less than other search engines. Could it’s users be a different breed? Is it time for different search? Or at least options?

In 1999 when first launched in my college dorm, ‘Net surfers found my site from about 10 large and popular search engines. Contrast that with Google’s 85% market share today. In 1999 search engines were unique and fun to use– edgy even.

They say when you graduate college and move into the “real world” that you still have fun like you did in college, but it’s a “different” fun… more reserved and fully lucid. Google does seem like our “real world” option for the present and certainly the last 13 years. However, could the current search zeitgeist be shifting? Is now the time for our search habits to get diversified? Fun again? Even do good for the whole world? Only Internet time will tell…

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  1. From Tim: “Surprisingly, most people accept the Google monopoly without question. More viable options would benefit everyone.”

    Indeed. I think the executives said something to the effect of “you can’t compete with Google.” Google does have such a huge leap on everyone else. If you look at Google Maps compared with Apple Maps today, Apple is still 10 years behind. But eventually competition will catch up and Google will slip, as I have personally seen managing AdWords accounts. Plus, technology changes as well. More people will be searching using voice now instead of a Web page. You never know what the future will bring. Business models get blown up every day.

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