Grow Your Retirement Account WITHOUT Adding Funds

Being a professional trader means you will need to fund your own IRA. Hopefully, you have some money to fund your IRA already. The great thing about IRA accounts is that you purchase nearly any stock product and sell options against your stock positions.

What’s great to buy for an IRA account? SPY. It’s what Warren Buffett recommends and for good reason. It’s a set it and forget type of stock, as it represents the S&P 500. Over the long term the S&P 500 has never lost money, and in fast averages around 8%/year.

Your retirement account can grow on its own without any transfers.


So, how do you juice your IRA account while staying conservative? Sell call options on your stock positions. Sell them every 30-45 days. What can this do you for you? It should generate additional retirement income to the tune of about an extra 20% of your entire portfolio amount. What does this mean? It means if you have an IRA account size that is significant, you’ll never need to transfer money into the account. It can grow on its own. Plus, with SPY, you’ll get a 2% dividend.

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