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Marketing Tools & Tactics for Fluid Budgets

Want to expand your reach with a limited budget or you already have tons of cash and want to effectively scale up? Impacted by Coronavirus and looking for creative ways replace people with software processes? Ken Morico and Ty Weaver have some ideas on this episode of the Ken Morico Podcast.

We discuss:

  • Useful tools for small budgets / free
  • Buffer, Mailchimp, IFTTT, Zapier, etc.
  • Tools for larger budgets – which ones are most effective (Eloqua, Marketo, CRM, etc)
  • Funnels & Marketing automation – replace salespeople
  • Can free tools leveraged with effort get same results?
  • Expanding globally, are the tactics different? Global marketing tools?


Audio-only Podcast Episode

Guest – Ty Weaver | Global Marketing Manager.

Ty Weaver

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