New Launched With HTML 5 Video

Experimental and personal – that’s the new site. Coinciding with Apple’s HTML 5 push, I am launching the new site after several weeks of research, experimenting, and video production. The new site aims to be the most personal on the Web – a deep background of my experience, photos and videos of me, and my unique writing style highlight the site. It’s black and white presentation and audio-less videos transport users to a different era.

Oftentimes, personal Web sites and portfolio sites are shallow. A cartoon image of someone’s face and a photo or screenshot of their work. By viewing the videos and engaging with the content you get a sense of me – as a REAL person. It’s very hard to do on the Web and I think I’ve got it nailed down.

The site is fully powered by HTML 5 and javascript. There is no Flash present. I hope to add personalized audio clips and quotes to further enhance the personal connection made over the Web. Please visit and let me know your thoughts. Long live HTML 5, experimentation, and the future.

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