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Own Your Own Media Platform – NO EXCUSES

You are in someone else’s window display. Are you fed up? OWN YOUR OWN STORE and BULLHORN.

You’re getting burned out on social media. You are a lurker… not a producer. You are a product for sale by someone else, not a person. You are in someone else’s window display. Are you fed up? OWN YOUR OWN STORE and BULLHORN.

Blogging is the way. Social media posts come and go. What you have to say passes by in a finger swipe. Next swipe. Next swipe. Next swipe. Exit. Next day. Repeat.

Live Forever

Blog posts live forever. Your thoughts, your feelings, always ready for viewers via Google and people new to your blog. Maybe they’ve bookmarked your blog post. Maybe it’s a resource for someone that they return to over and over again. Maybe it’s inspiration for someone. Maybe YOU are the butterfly in the Butterfly Effect.

Maybe your thoughts in blog form not only can change people but become an income source for you. For your children. For a charity you want to support. Or, simply verification that you provide real value to the world and give foundation to your ego. Ego, when stroked for good, can help you impact the world.

A Platform is the Vehicle

A “blog” can be YouTube videos, a personal blog on a platform like WordPress.org that you own with your own name [yourname.com], or podcast. My preference is to use your own website and integrate audio and video. Google is preferred by most people and search engines have the easiest time indexing text.

Have you ever read books that were decades or even hundreds of years old? Could you have thoughts and ideas that could be worth reading by people hundreds of years in the future? Pretty cool to think, right?

Setting up a blog takes a little work, but once it’s setup you can get into a rhythm and then it’s just something you do like washing your face or eating breakfast.


There’s surprisingly little content on what you are interested in that is presented in your voice, or a voice similar to yours. For example, you might think a famous person has already said what you think you might want to learn about or spread to the world. Say, that person is from your region and even near your age range. Clearly, your thoughts would be similar. But would your thoughts be similar? Were they the first born in the family, like you? Did they struggle as a single parent like you? Did they grow up rich and now have social justice as a cause and motivator like you? Were they born in a ghetto and overcame tremendous obstacles like you?

Our life perspectives shape who we are, what we say, and HOW we say it. What we see as obstacles or existing content and voices isn’t OUR content.

Have you ever met people who like you for seemingly no reason? Like, REALLY like you? And not for some reason like they need you for some reason: money, love, work, etc. Just pure liking. It’s the way you carry yourself. They way you express your thoughts. The way you dress, maybe. The package of YOU.

Send your package. WE want delivery.

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