Podcast Using Other Peoples’ Content Using Creative Commons

Ever think your own content, while good, isn’t as interesting as watching a newscast with multiple angles and footage and editing that makes it gripping? Fret no more my friends. The Creative Commons Web site allows you to search for images, video, and more using multiple sources. You can then find content other sources have granted for commercial reuse, and add it to your audio or video podcast. You can even submit content of your own to get more exposure. Most content requires you to attribute the source, but this okay since good content providers should attribute sources for material that is not original.

People familiar with open source software will understand the concept of Creative Commons. They are very similar. For example, if you were doing a podcast commentary on Google Buzz, and you found a Creative Commons video of a professor speaking on the subject, you could edit the raw MPEG video file and include clips in your own podcast as reference material. This will certainly make your own podcast more interesting as well as more trustworthy. You could even find images that relate to the topic to include in your podcast cover or video thumbnail. Just find content that allows for commercial use and attribute. Try searching from their homepage and see what you find for your topic.

Of course, there are many levels of license restrictions, so pay attention to the icons for anything Creative Commons. I was explaining to a co-worker about open source software I used to enhance my custom built CRM software. She asked, “Why would anyone give out software for free?” A valid question. Why would anyone blog or podcast for free? To share and get exposure. Good things go around and come back. Besides, not sharing is very 80s.

If you have other suggestions for free content sites, please leave a comment.


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