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Socially Separate (Book)


Strategies to Separate Business and Personal Posting

Downloadable PDF.

By Ken Morico


Strategies to Separate Business and Personal Posting
Downloadable PDF / eBook. 100% money-back guarantee subject to terms.
By Ken Morico


Ever wonder if Facebook could be used for business? Have you ever thought there were tools and systems for effectively reaching the 2 billion people on Facebook, or just the 3 florists the live within 4 miles of you? I explain how to establish your Facebook presence in an ethical way. I explain the mechanism to separate your personal Facebook profile from your professional Facebook page, so users never see your crazy cat video interests on your business profile. In addition, I detail mechanical ways to help users like your Facebook page and magnify exposure.

Purchase the book and if you are not satisfied or see results after using the techniques mentioned in the book you will receive 100% of your money back. Purchasing Socially Separate is a great way to support this blog and keep content free for everyone.

Your purchase will support open-source information on this blog to continue to empower and educate self-starters across the globe of various income levels. Socially Separate is a labor of love and hard work.

Socially Separate was written in Houston, TX by me, a professional writer in 2013 and revised through the years. Your purchase will include all future updates to the book.

After you place your order, you will receive an email immediately with the download link. Please check your spam folder and the e-mail account associated with your payment method. If you have any issues, please contact customerservice@kenmorico.com.

Table of Contents

• Socially Separate

  • Facebook Page and the Facebook Profile
  • Use Facebook as Page
  • FaceBook Page Tab and the IFrame
  • Small Businesses Spending More on Facebook Marketing in 2011
  • Separate Accounts for Facebook Business and Facebook Personal Accounts
  • Can I Convert My Personal Facebook Profile to a Facebook Business Page?How Do I Convert My Personal Facebook Profile to a Facebook BusinessPage?
  • What Benefits / Features do Facebook Pages Have Versus Facebook Profiles?
  • I Want To Convert My Facebook Profile To A Facebook Page. What Do I Lose/ Need To Watch Out For?
  • I am a Consultant / Advertising Agency, How Can I Manage Many FacebookBusiness Accounts?
  • Facebook Timeline for Pages

• Manage Accounts with HootSuite

  • Win Back Friends that Didn’t Like Your Facebook Page
  • Psychological Reasons Why People Like Facebook Pages
  • Why People “like” a Facebook Page:
  • Mechanical Ways to Help Users Like Your Facebook Page
    • Build a Facebook Audience By Inviting Users – I Have an Email Address List
    • Permission Marketing – Filter Your True Fans
    • Email Campaign Difficulties
    • MailChimp – Free Email Marketing
  • Resources
  • About Ken Morico