Real-time Marketing: No Go for the Little Guy

The concept of real-time marketing really blows my mind. It’s what happens when you combine the fast-indexing Googlebot with breaking news and large online audiences. Getting noticed with paid advertising only gets you so far. Injecting your company or yourself in the news in real-time gives you tremendous leverage. But to play with the big boys and get noticed there’s a problem. You need to rank well in search.

Some large companies can do this because their Websites have been around for a long time and are usually updated by people in the organization who get paid to do it full-time. Successful individual bloggers with good page-rank will almost certainly outrank any small business. New blogs, even with some search engine optimization, will usually drop to the lower ranks in search pages.

Here’s a great video explaining real-time marketing and how it can be done featuring David Meerman Scott:

David Meerman Scott from National Speakers Bureau on Vimeo [video direct link].

I do have some ideas about how to increase your chances for a higher news ranking. Subscribe to the blog and stay tuned. In the meantime, see this reader-favorite post on juicing your site performance for the new Google.

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