Resending Email Campaigns – Second Time is the Charm!

My brother exposed me to a newer feature in MailChimp that allows you to resend an email campaign to people who didn’t open the first campaign you sent. At first I was skeptical. Isn’t this a spammy tactic? To my surprise, it worked. No one complained and many people who didn’t open the first email did in fact open the second. Now, I did change the subject of the email on the second blast, so it might have appeared as a totally separate email but the content was exactly the same.

So, what are people’s habits when reading email? My guess is they just ignore email, unsubscribe from lists, or read the email. I think we get so much email now that we tend to ignore emails, even if they annoy us. We just don’t have the time. But maybe if you ignore an email originally and maybe wanted to open it but didn’t, maybe now with the second email you are ready to read. It’s like life in a way… if you persist, eventually you get your way.

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