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Welcome. You’ll find resources for people that desire more – more professionally, more personally, and more face-to-face business consultation.

  • For Entrepreneurs – I blog marketing, investing, and lifestyle trends that modern entrepreneurs need to gain an edge. Professionally written articles without the hype or nonsense.
  • For Corporate Professionals & Job Changers – I offer guides on podcasting, job changing, and escaping the 9-5 grind with a digital nomading book.
  • For Productivity & Self Help Enthusiasts – I review tech, productivity methods, health hacks, and inspiring books to get you from here to next.
  • For Business Owners Needing a Consultant / Coach – Discover quick ways to get access to my development, marketing, and paid media expertise directly in a face-to-face ZOOM session.

Find articles, guides, ebooks, and more below. Just interested in learning more about me, Ken Morico? Read my story. I’m confident this will be a year of growth for you personally and professionally.


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Ken’s Entrepreneurship and Growth Books

Real-World Digital Nomading

Live life your way while building your platform — I outline new economy living. More free time. Travel. Work on world-changing passions. 3 sections – the philosophy of local digital nomading and the how, the money aspect, and finally the social media / storytelling aspect.
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If you want to share your content / voice, tools, B2B product, or art with the world, your platform needs reach. I outline the holistic SEO approach to your site with concrete, actionable items you can use right away.
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Entrepreneurship Toolkit

You can work, blog, and travel like me using my gear and techniques by checking out my toolkit.

Podcasting Guide

Have you listened to top 10 podcasts and daydreamed about how you can create your own winning podcast but not sure if you have the skills, tools, platform or voice to be successful? Make it happen with my podcasting guide! Read Guide

Job Search & Resume – Guide for New Professionals & Job Changers

Times have changed, and so has the way recruiters have been getting resumes. Job search sites cost lots of money for recruiters and companies. When companies cut costs, search memberships get kicked. How can you adapt your resume for the new way recruiters will find you? Read Guide

Core Books for Personal and Professional Development

I have some great book recommendations that WILL change your professional and personal life for the better.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – This is the definitive book on interpersonal human relations. You could call it a life instruction book in some ways. It details understanding the needs of people and how to sway them to your way of thinking in ethical ways.

Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! – This is the best book I’ve read on goal setting, setting perspective, and motivation. Tony Robbins explains his mindset and how it shaped his success.

MONEY, Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom – This book explains the detrimental effect of even small management fees from financial services. Tony interviews legends in the finance space and picks their brain for their best tips to grow and retain capital. A must read for these turbulent financial times.

Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World – Jim Cramer describes this as his “handbook” he gave to junior finance professionals. He explains the way markets work and the forces at play that push and pull stocks. It gives you an insider’s look at being a hedge fund manager and will improve your financial mastery.

New American Bible – This is the standard Catholic Bible. It includes Old and New Testament. You might be surprised to learn the U.S. legal system is based on laws in the Bible. The Bible teaches morals shows you a way to live life with a great understanding of your place in the universe. Also, as a history book, you will learn how so much of our culture is based on what’s in this book.

*Find out what I’m reading now for more personal development.*

Starter Consulting / Coaching Sessions

Get started with a remote session for all your questions and concerns. Digital Strategy, Web Development, and Paid Media. Don’t go it alone. You’ve got a friend in the business.

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