WordPress SEO – Seize the Top with Beefed Up Content

When I overhauled my blog recently after a Google Panda algorithm update earlier this year, I saw a common theme among my optimizations – beefier content. Like I explained in Google Knocked Me Down – How I Fattened Content and Won, lengthening my content pushed my blog posts higher and higher in the rankings. Along with higher rankings, I noticed my return visitors really took off. What was the secret? Longer posts kept them coming back because they couldn’t read the whole post as they were surfing. This is something I do myself, often putting a star in my Google Reader for content I would like to come back to.

In this video I explain why longer content works and what you can do specifically within WordPress to help with SEO and visitor retention.

What good are visitors that come to your site and bounce? Exactly. Beef up that content, skinny lovers!


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