Welcome to KenMorico.com! I'm a Web, iOS app & WordPress plugin developer. Micro entrepreneur. I blog and (try to) podcast #dev #socialmedia #seo. My mission with KenMorico.com is to share my real-world findings in a friendly, jargon-free way. I invite you to explore the site and reach out via the comment sections or social media.

Create Memorial Pages Using Facebook Groups

When my uncle passed away recently I decided to setup a memorial Facebook Group for him. Facebook groups are different from public pages in that they are not public like regular Facebook pages (though you can set them up to be public). I created a “secret” group which enables me to keep the group private…

Conferencejacking – Attend & Participate for Free

Ever wanted to attend a conference in any city for free? Bummed you didn’t get the perks associated with attending a live conference? Hal Werner and I discuss conferencejacking.


Content Creation On-The-Go: What’s In My Bag

With content generation happening at ludicrous speed, you must make time to keep up. Since I bought my iPad last year I have found it more and more useful for generating content on-the-run. Find out what’s in my bag and how I operate.

Use iPad as a Phone – Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Want to buy a new iPad Air and pay nothing for it? Kill your voice service. It’s possible — right now. I show you the tools and tricks to make it happen and fatten your wallet.

SES Chicago Rundown (2013)

Here I share some of my learnings and key take-aways from the SES Chicago conference¬†(#SESchi). I tried to capture the most interesting tidbits for the sessions I attended. SEO, authorship, SEM / Paid search, B2B social media were some of my key interests for this conference. I also created a Twitter List of some key…

Social Smithing – How to Find Your Social Media Voice

Struggling to get your social media posts unique? Fret not! Hal Werner and I discuss the craft of social media writing and “comfy spaces” to get you to social media nirvana.

Shock Tweets

I talk with Hal Werner about the success of “Shock Tweets.” What makes a “Shock Tweet” and how can we make it work for us? We debunk the myth that tweets need links to gain traction.

Professional Opt-in | A WordPress Plugin

Drive users to your opt-in landing page without driving them crazy. Professional Opt-in gently floats in from the bottom of the page without angering your users – causing them to bounce. Users can read your content and not get bombarded with obtrusive pop-ups asking for an email address before reading anything you have to offer.…