LinkedIn Newsletters: A Rising Star for Professionals

Watch a video on using LinkedIn Newsletters for professional engagement and get some takeways to demonstrate your authority.

As I’ve been using LinkedIn more and more, it’s evident that newsletters are the place to stay engaged with your followers and demonstrate your expertise.

  • I recently launched my own LinkedIn newsletter, "The Essential Professional," and think every professional should as well.
  • LinkedIn offers a unique platform for professional networking and content sharing, with over 1 billion users.
  • LinkedIn newsletters provide an opportunity to:
    • Stay top-of-mind with connections. LinkedIn notifies users when their connections publish newsletters, promoting discovery.
    • Position yourself as a thought leader. Sharing your insights and opinions can attract attention and lead to bigger opportunities.
    • Deepen your knowledge and stay up-to-date with industry trends. Subscribing to relevant newsletters in your niche allows you to learn from others and stay competitive.
  • Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn has fewer "creators," giving you an advantage to build your audience.
  • Tips for using LinkedIn newsletters:
    • Start with a clear, concise title.
    • Use eye-catching visuals.
    • Provide valuable content that resonates with your target audience.
    • Promote your newsletter on other platforms.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Consider starting your own LinkedIn newsletter. You’ll notice your peers have already started.
  • Clean up your LinkedIn feed. Unfollow people who post irrelevant content and follow thought leaders and those who publish valuable newsletters.
  • Engage with the LinkedIn community. Comment on posts, share valuable content, and participate in discussions. Visibility on LinkedIn will help raise awareness for your newsletter.

LinkedIn newsletters can be a powerful tool for professional development and career advancement.

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