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Resources to help you get more productive, make more money, and develop as a person in the new economy.


Solopreneur Checklist
  • The Morico Method – Solopreneur Checklist will give you the important steps you need to start as a solopreneur and keep you on track for success! Based on years of experience as a true solopreneur, this list will provide a holistic view of the solopreneur journey.
Entrepreneur Toolkit
  • Tools, software, and methods to achieve more as an entrepreneur or soloprenuer looking to expand reach.


Twitter Threads Template

  • Get the details on why Twitter threads are key for business development on Twitter and how to do it properly with an easy-to-follow template you can use.

LinkedIn Networking Template

  • Connecting on LinkedIn is key... learn the methods and psychology to score that +1 connection goal.

In-depth Articles & Tips

Money, Investing, Trading, & Market Watching

Every entrepreneur and corporate innovator needs to know what’s going on with the economy. You need to be able to manage money to run a business, and you need to know where the market is going to prepare your corporate calendar and deliver results.

Recommended Books

Action-oriented Books to Improve Your Business and Life

Books that address every doer’s needs – networking, self-empowerment, spirituality, and the disciplined mindset.


Podcast – The Morico Show

Listen to The Morico Show for business growth, personal productivity, and mindset tactics. Expert guests and monologues by Ken with actionable insights tailored for new economy innovators harmoniously integrating work + personal aspects to achieve a fulfilling life.


Newsletter – The Morico Letter

Join 1k+ subscribers acting on 5+ business growth, personal productivity, and mindset tactics every other Saturday. Actionable and tailored for new economy innovators harmoniously integrating work + personal aspects to achieve a fulfilling life.

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Consulting / Coaching Session

Get started with a remote session for all your questions and concerns. Digital Strategy, Web Development, and Paid Media. Don’t go it alone. You’ve got a friend in the business.

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