Intermittent Fasting and Tapping the Warrior Within

Increased energy. Increased sense of self-worth. More productivity. Better health.

About a year ago I started dieting and saw some dramatic results. It was a slow process. I experimented with different techniques and read the processes from many west coast experts. Having lived on the west coast for a while, I trust the advice of people who live there since fitness is integral to the lifestyle. One technique that I kept seeing over and over was intermittent fasting.

The Benefits

Intermittent fasting offered all the benefits I was looking for: increased energy, weight loss, and time savings from eating fewer meals. I decided to try it and then combine the fasting with healthier, home-cooked meals.

No doubt, the diet worked. Over time, I lost 30 pounds. It’s not an easy diet, but no diet is. But for me, it’s easier to do because the payoffs of time-savings and energy are huge. As an entrepreneur and now a new dad, it’s more important than ever that I keep my energy up.

Raising Standards

Tony Robbins often talks about “raising your standards” to improve achievement. For me, when I realized my clothes weren’t fitting properly it gave me reason to change. In fact, if you visit trendy clothing stores, you’ll notice they won’t even sell clothes past a certain waist size. Trendy clothes aren’t for fat people. They are for fit people… or at least near-fit people.

The Steps

What were my steps to achieving the weight loss and getting through the rough initial process of starting a RADICAL diet?

I picked a version of intermittent fasting: for me it’s what they call the Warrior diet… eat a lot of food once a day. I’ve been doing 4pm.

I drink hot coffee only in the morning either with no sugar and cream or with coconut creamer [Nutpods or similar half & half substitute] and stevia / sugar substitute. The warm feeling from the hot liquid helps me with hunger in the early part of the day.

Exercise. It goes without saying you need some exercise. For me, dog walking is great simple exercise. I also use home gym equipment to save time on traveling to a gym. Dumbbells can do almost any exercise and they don’t take up much space in the home.

The Payoff

It’s hard to work if you don’t feel well. I’ve found that exercising is not enough for having energy. Diet and fasting work better. I know there are a lot of fat, productive people. But imagine if those fat, productive people weren’t fat… how much more could they accomplish?

Increased energy. Increased sense of self-worth. More productivity. Better health.

Find your discipline. Visualize the reasons for change and the desired outcomes. See your final, polished product.

Tap your inner warrior.

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