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With the emergence of AI and ultra-competitive organic search and social media, more and more businesses need clear messaging, technical SEO, and supportive content to drive conversions.

If you already have a Website SEO Company it's likely they are mis-managing your site - using few on-page optimizations and outdated methods which results in getting lower-quality leads / sales than you deserve. In addition, most SEOs are marketing people with no technical knowledge in site building - an absolute requirement for site speed and usability recommendations.

If you haven't yet optimized a website for your business, let's explore how we can work together to increase your customers.

If you spend $600+/month on website SEO services, or plan to, I might be able to help you grow your business.

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Some services I offer:

  • Page title and heading optimizations
  • Site content audit
  • markup
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Priority page content optimization
  • Lead magnet creation and strategy
  • Site speed optimizations to improve rank
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Analytics and Custom Reports
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Setup / Conversion Tracking
Consultant - digital strategist, marketing, web development.
Google Analytics Certified Individual

Don't get passed off to a junior-level SEO account manager. Get the experienced SEO professional you need.

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We had content pieces for our site but lacked a solid, evergreen content asset essential to our business for organic growth. Ken Morico with ETHOS DIA helped us create a content asset [a guide] that has been one of our top organic search pages for over 4 years leading to lots of sales for our ecommerce store. Ken also helped us reduce our ad spend by optimizing our Google Ads campaigns and implementing code to clearly see customer conversions while leveraging advanced analytics data to enable us to see consumer paths via customized reports. Ken’s a genius! I highly recommend working with Ken & ETHOS DIA.

-Teri Reindel, Director of Marketing

Ken’s web development talent and artistic vision allowed me to better connect with my fans directly resulting in my ability to book more and higher-profile venues and furthering my music career . My site has allowed me to stay visible to the jazz community and in the limelight of the national media like The New Yorker. Being easy to work with, Ken works very quickly and is immediately responsive to correspondence. Music industry professionals often ask me who built my site. I can’t thank Ken Morico enough.

-Ray Zepeda, Soundsketch Records Owner & Fortune 500 Project Manager

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My services don't cost money. They are an investment. Whatever you spend on my services you will get a return.

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