REAL Men Wear Athleisure

Find out why athleisure is taking over the work-from-home lifestlye and increasing comfort and productivity.

Let’s get real: if you can wear what some would call loungewear or a running suit during the work day, it takes some guts. But Covid times have changed perceptions of “work clothes” and clothing makers have delivered a new style of clothing for the new work from home environment – Athleisure.

Why Athleisure?

What’s different about athleisure versus previous types of lounge clothing? As far as I can tell, it’s the style and fit. Similar to the way jeans were just basic denim and morphed into skinny jeans, baggy jeans, work jeans, and commuter jeans. Athleisure is clothing with a purpose. It helps get work done. It’s fast… quick to put on, versatile… you can wear it out running errands or even for exercise. You could even sleep in it. Attached hoodies keep you warm for cold environments or offices. Premium fabrics breath better. I even have a Polo Ralph Lauren top that is reversible … in case I get bored of the colors. Deep pockets for holding my phone.

Athleisure clothing fits well… typical gym clothing is baggy and sometimes doesn’t breath well. Baggy clothing can be distracting when working, so form-fitting clothing helps keep you focused.

solopreneur - athleisure

Athleisure Philosophy and the Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Wearing athleisure makes a statement – I care about comfort above all else. I care about work above all else. I care about efficiency above all else. I have the money and lifestyle to not care about what anyone else thinks. Initially, Mark Zuckerberg made the hoodie famous and a type of athleisure style.

Zuckerberg - Hoodie

My remix of Thomas Hawk's Mark Zuckerberg Portrait

Covid and the pandemic accelerated the work from home trend and employers were more lenient when it came to work attire because suddenly a worker shortage became real and getting the work done was more important than appearances.

I think as economic times become more difficult in the future companies will be less lenient and demand workers come back to the office as they see revenue dropping and will think working from home is no longer optimal and will seemingly lead to bad habits. But entrepreneurs have a power move – they call the shots. This athleisure trend doesn’t need to end. Or maybe you will end it. It’s great to have a choice…

My Athleisure Clothes

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Are you using Athleisure? What products are you using?

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