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Create Money & Attention - YOU All In

Creating engaging, personal video combats threats from AI, corporations with large ad budgets, and social media algorithms. It’s the perfect weapon for solopreneurs and corporate innovators.

There’s No Journey in a 9-5

There’s been a confluence of factors recently that decidedly point to one direction for the future of work – solo business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur […and the many variations].

Creating w/ Meta Threads – The Writing Method

So Threads, the new social media platform by Meta / Facebook launched and it may seem like a Twitter clone — but here’s what matters (bonus I’ll show you a time-tested writing method).

Nobody Knows You. Regain $+Ego in 5 mins

There is still a lot of attention on social media. I’ve been focusing a lot lately on social media listening. Why do some users get massive followings? Why did I follow someone?

Saving Time and Soul as a Solopreneur

I’ll explore the ways I saved my soul and list the time hacks I used to accomplish heightened self-worth and goal-achievement in my solopreneur journey.

Stand Out Online (and Beat the Robots)

For many businesses and solopreneurs, attention equals money. More attention, more money. With more entrants and AI tools, our share of the attention pie is shrinking with every passing day and revenue generation will be increasingly difficult.

TikTok, Reels, YT Shorts & SEO

Are you ready to take your content creation to the next level and join the video revolution? If you want to tap into the massive potential of short-form videos, pay attention! With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, the world is moving towards video content like never before. Don’t get left behind.

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