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Professional Opt-in | A WordPress Plugin

Drive users to your opt-in landing page without driving them crazy. Professional Opt-in is for the new slow-sell economy. Get it now.

wordpress opt-in plugin image
wordpress opt-in plugin image

Drive users to your opt-in landing page without driving them crazy. Professional Opt-in gently floats in from the bottom of the page without angering your users – causing them to bounce. Users can read your content and not get bombarded with obtrusive pop-ups asking for an email address before reading anything you have to offer. Professional Opt-in is for the new slow-sell economy.


  • Free and quick! Get it working in just 1 minute.
  • Customizable promo text and Call-to-Action button text.
  • Appears when users scroll down the page – after they are interested.
  • For short pages, call to action appears after 30 seconds.
  • Works on mobile and desktop browsers – looks exactly the same.
  • Uses the powerful and proven promo text – call-to-action combination.
  • Triggers special call-to-action events in Google Analytics (if available).
  • Use on all pages or a combination of homepage, posts, pages, or archive / categories.

screenshot-2How Do I Use the Opt-in Plugin?

Using the plugin is easy. Write your promo text, write your short call-to-action, provide a landing page URL, make it active, and go!


Where can I see analytics?

In Google Analytics, go to Standard Reports -> Content -> Events.

Why am I not seeing it work?

Perhaps the page does not scroll or does not scroll very much. For short pages, call to action appears after 30 seconds. If it’s a bug, please report it in the comments below.

How can I get the plugin?

You can easily add it right from within WordPress under the “Plugins” menu of the Admin area. Go to Add New Plugin and search for “professional opt-in”.

For the official WordPress Plugin page, visit:
Professional Opt-in plugin page on WordPress.org.
If you want to manually install or tweak the code for another CMS or Web site you can download the latest version:
professional-opt-in.zip (latest version)

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22 responses

  1. How do we change the colors of the pop up background and button?

    1. Hi Arun. You should be able to override the colors using CSS in your theme Customize section / menu item in WordPress. Sorry, I did not build a color picker into the user interface.

      1. i went into the css style in the plugin… it worked,,, thanks!

  2. Hey,
    Okay so I love your plug-in, it works great as a method to drive traffic to my opt-in for me newsletter. I was wondering if there was a way to make any of the following options possible?
    -An x-out feature for pop-up
    -not having pop-up show to same person after following link

    Thanks, great plug-in
    Brian Chief editor bassfishinginsider.com

    1. Hi Brian. Thanks for you comments. Those are great suggestions and I will try to get them into the next version of the plugin.

  3. Joseph Dabon Avatar
    Joseph Dabon

    Where can I get the CTA url?

    1. The CTA URL is the URL you provide to the detail page. You want to direct users to focused experience where you can fully explain the benefits.

    2. The CTA URL is the URL you provide to the detail page. You want to direct users to focused experience where you can fully explain the benefits.

      1. Joseph Dabon Avatar
        Joseph Dabon

        How can I make it work in my blog?

  4. Barry Rodgers Avatar
    Barry Rodgers


    Great idea.just can’t get it to fire at all. It is on this blog: http://barryrodgers.com

    EDIT: Looked in Chrome and not logged in & it works. Will try logging out in FF

    Yep that works. Looks like being logged in was the issue.

    1. Glad you got it working. I’m not having any problem seeing it when I am logged in. Thanks for using the plugin!

  5. Is there a way to not have the pop-up for my mobile pages?

    1. Not through the UI, but you can modify the plugin stylesheet. Maybe I will add this feature in the UI at some point. Here is the CSS:

      @media screen and (max-width: 500px) {
      .ui-popup-content {

      .ui-popup-content h3 {
      font-size: 14px;

      .ui-popup-content .CTABtn


  6. Is there a way to get in touch with you so you can look into the specific problem. I think it’s a very easy fix if you know what to do. I know it’s a lot to ask but I really like this plugin and I have no other way of figuring it out.

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm for the plugin. Why don’t you enable the plugin and give me the link to your site… maybe I can see if there is a problem. thx

    1. Hi Jack. I looked at Contact Form 7, and I don’t see any CSS that would conflict. Without seeing your theme code and the changes you made it’s hard to tell what’s wrong.

  7. Hi Ken, the other plugin is contact form 7. In did what you suggested however it probably is a CSS conflict, although I don’t know what that means. I did make some changes in the wordpress editor to modify some little things on the pages however…

  8. Thanks a lot Ken. Yes, I did install another plugin but I removed professional opt in completely to prevent a conflict after reading your reply. Now I’ve installed professional opt in again but it still doesn’t work. All the right boxes are checked. Any idea what else I can do? I don’t understand why it suddenly stopped working.

    1. Hi Jack. Try deactivating the other plugin you installed and then activate / install Professional Opt-in. If it works, then the other plugin is conflicting with Professional Opt-in. Let me know what that other plugin is if that is the case.

      Other than that, there could be a CSS conflict.

      Also, have you modified your current theme or installed a new theme?

  9. Hi,

    It worked at first but now it stopped although I´ve checked all the settings. Any idea what I should change?


    1. Hi Jack. Have you recently added new plugins or themes since installing Professional Opt-in? That’s usually the cause of plugin malfunctions. WordPress is a delicate system, so there are sometimes conflicts between plugins. There’s nothing in the code that should cause it to stop displaying at this point (that I know of). There is the master active checkbox, but I’m sure you have that checked. Try checking the other boxes for the different post types and see if there is any change.

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