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wordpress opt-in plugin imageDrive users to your opt-in landing page without driving them crazy. Professional Opt-in gently floats in from the bottom of the page without angering your users – causing them to bounce. Users can read your content and not get bombarded with obtrusive pop-ups asking for an email address before reading anything you have to offer. Professional Opt-in is for the new slow-sell economy.


  • Free and quick! Get it working in just 1 minute.
  • Customizable promo text and Call-to-Action button text.
  • Appears when users scroll down the page – after they are interested.
  • For short pages, call to action appears after 30 seconds.
  • Works on mobile and desktop browsers – looks exactly the same.
  • Uses the powerful and proven promo text – call-to-action combination.
  • Triggers special call-to-action events in Google Analytics (if available).
  • Use on all pages or a combination of homepage, posts, pages, or archive / categories.

screenshot-2How Do I Use the Opt-in Plugin?

Using the plugin is easy. Write your promo text, write your short call-to-action, provide a landing page URL, make it active, and go!


Where can I see analytics?

In Google Analytics, go to Standard Reports -> Content -> Events.

Why am I not seeing it work?

Perhaps the page does not scroll or does not scroll very much. For short pages, call to action appears after 30 seconds. If it’s a bug, please report it in the comments below.

How can I get the plugin?

You can easily add it right from within WordPress under the “Plugins” menu of the Admin area. Go to Add New Plugin and search for “professional opt-in”.

For the official WordPress Plugin page, visit:
Professional Opt-in plugin page on
If you want to manually install or tweak the code for another CMS or Web site you can download the latest version: (latest version)


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