BOOK – Real-World Digital Nomading

Practical steps to being a digital nomad that anyone can implement.

Digital Nomad Book

Real-World Digital Nomading
Anyone Can Achieve a Digital Nomad Lifestyle *Anywhere*
Downloadable PDF / eBook
By Ken Morico

SUMMARY - Digital Nomad Book

In my book, Real-World Digital Nomading, I explain practical steps to being a digital nomad that anyone can implement. Work locally or remotely while living the life on your terms.

Live free with money in your pocket.

This book is broken down into 3 main sections – the philosophy of local digital nomading and the how, the money aspect, and finally the social media / storytelling aspect.

Real-World Digital Nomading is a labor of love and hard work.

Real-World Digital Nomading was written in Houston, TX by me, a professional writer in 2019.

Enjoy this free gift from me to you…


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Table of Contents

  • Real-World Digital Nomading
  • Being Nomadic While Living Locally
    • The Main Ingredients for Going Nomadic, Locally
    • How Do I Prepare to Work Nomadically, Locally?
    • What Skills Do I Need to Live Nomadic, Locally?
    • How Can Local Nomading Enable Self-employment?
    • Is Local Nomading Exciting?
    • How is Local Nomading Easier / Different Than Ordinary Digital Nomading?
    • Work on Your Productivity / Do the work of 10 Humans
    • Are You Up for a Challenge?
  • Financial Security – The Foundation for Nomadic Success
    • Living on 25% of the Income That You Think You Need
    • The Automatic Investment Portfolio for Ordinary People
    • Practical Trading for the Nomad – the Mini Handbook
    • Trade for a Living, Trade for a Life – BELIEVE it CAN be Done
    • Full-time Trading Life Overview
      • The Transition to Full-time Trading
      • The Trade Setup
      • Making the Trades
      • Early Morning / After Hours Life
      • Weekly Trading Tasks
    • The Transition to Full-time Trading
      • Living on 25% of the Income That You Think You Need
      • Trading Income Goals
    • The Trade Setup
      • Brokerage Account Privileges
      • What About My Retirement Account? Grow Your Retirement Account WITHOUT Adding Funds
    • Making the Trades
    • What’s the market doing?
    • Everyone Needs Alerts
    • Early Morning / After Hours Life
    • Weekly Trading Tasks
      • Alerts
      • Weekly Strategy Session
      • Trading Income Spreadsheet
    • Trade Resources
      • News
      • Money Flows
      • Economic Commentary
      • Economic Indicators
      • Market Sentiment / Futures
      • Community / Forums
      • Events
  • Documenting Your Journey – Blogging Nomadically
    • Storytelling in the Digital Age
    • Jack Kerouac – The Original On the Road
    • Dispatches
    • The Bus Routes
    • Twitterists
    • Instagram
      • The Case for Producing Instagram Content
      • Content Reuse
      • Show Me the MONEY!
      • Resources
  • Inspiration
    • 4 Things My Grandfather Taught Me About Entrepreneurship
    • Create Something People Need
    • Always Keep Cash Handy
    • You Need Multiple Streams of Income
    • You Can Never Be Fired
  • Nomadic Resources
  • About Ken Morico

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