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BOOK – Socially Separate


Socially Separate
Strategies to Separate Business and Personal Posting
Downloadable PDF / eBook
By Ken Morico


Ever wonder if Facebook could be used for business? Have you ever thought there were tools and systems for effectively reaching the 2 billion people on Facebook, or just the 3 florists the live within 4 miles of you? I explain how to establish your Facebook presence in an ethical way. I explain the mechanism to separate your personal Facebook profile from your professional Facebook page, so users never see your crazy cat video interests on your business profile. In addition, I detail mechanical ways to help users like your Facebook page and magnify exposure.

Socially Separate is a labor of love and hard work.

Socially Separate was written in Houston, TX by me, a professional writer in 2013 and revised through the years.

Enjoy this free gift from me to you…

[PDF Version]

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Table of Contents

  • Facebook Page and the Facebook Profile
  • Use Facebook as Page
  • FaceBook Page Tab and the IFrame
  • Small Businesses Spending More on Facebook Marketing in 2011
  • Separate Accounts for Facebook Business and Facebook Personal Accounts
  • Can I Convert My Personal Facebook Profile to a Facebook Business Page?How Do I Convert My Personal Facebook Profile to a Facebook BusinessPage?
  • What Benefits / Features do Facebook Pages Have Versus Facebook Profiles?
  • I Want To Convert My Facebook Profile To A Facebook Page. What Do I Lose/ Need To Watch Out For?
  • I am a Consultant / Advertising Agency, How Can I Manage Many FacebookBusiness Accounts?
  • Facebook Timeline for Pages
  • Manage Accounts with HootSuite
  • Win Back Friends that Didn’t Like Your Facebook Page
  • Psychological Reasons Why People Like Facebook Pages
  • Why People “like” a Facebook Page:
  • Mechanical Ways to Help Users Like Your Facebook Page
  • Build a Facebook Audience By Inviting Users – I Have an Email Address List
  • Permission Marketing – Filter Your True Fans
  • Email Campaign Difficulties
  • MailChimp – Free Email Marketing
  • Resources
  • About Ken Morico

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