Being Selfish in 2024 & Why It's a Win

The ultimate productivity hack that's also the easiest.

I've had a quote in my notes for a long time:

Being productive is largely about removing things (via automation, outsourcing, batching, efficiency gains, or just simply not doing them at all) and prioritization.

It had me thinking: the best productivity tip really is removing tasks.

This new year, I want you to be selfish. I want you to say no to tasks and people that aren't essential.

When you are in a perfect place in your life and able to give more, then you can share more of your time and energy.

By reducing tasks you'll be able to help even more people at a later time.

I'm sharing more business and productivity tips regularly on my LinkedIn account. I hope you'll follow me there. Remember, everyone needs a LinkedIn strategy for 2024.

The Morico Letter - 1/20/2024

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Ken Morico

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