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Creating engaging, personal video combats AI, large ad budgets, and social algorithms. Find out why it’s so important and why you need to create now.

I’m sure you’ve noticed lately that social media use among average people is declining. It’s a problem for people with a business and people with a message / mission. But, it’s a fixable problem when we recognize the trends. Let’s explore.

What happened and why does it matter? Algorithms, “creators”, and people going back to old habits.

People known as “creators” have hacked human psychology and generated so much interest in the content they create that the social media algorithms constantly show their creations to keep users on platforms.

You used to see what your co-worker posted about what they had for lunch. No more. Your co-workers don’t post about their lunch anymore (or they are opting out due to privacy concerns, depression, social anxiety, ads, or data collection concerns by social media companies). And even if your coworkers did post about their lunch, you wouldn’t see it because the algorithms probably wouldn’t show it to you.

Social media companies bet on WINNERS. And it’s WINNER TAKE ALL. Not some. ALL.

There’s no room for mediocre posts. People have noticed this I think. Social media is morphing to video watching / TV with short form videos like TikToks and Instagram Reels. It’s a simple and lazy way for people to consume content. Short form video content is enjoyable… I love it. But we are turning into spectators and not participants. And with AI potentially taking the place of many average / lazy people, it’s not a time to sleep.

With the majority of people and businesses losing attention on social media platforms, it’s time to step up. Writing great content is now a complement to video. Video is FIRST.

Making Money with Video

Over the years, I’ve gained consulting work through my website and written content. As that starts to fade a bit, recent clients told me, “I saw your video on YouTube.” The connection they felt with me over video caused them to take action, reach out, and pay me. Think about how you’ve made money in the past? You’ve probably connected with people, live, in-person. Online video has gotten so good at mimicking reality that people see it as face-to-face communication.

Don’t believe me? Look at views of text content and compare it with video content. Video is exploding and taking over. With video critical now, you MUST find a way to get to good at creating video content (and creating it fast).

The Challenge of Video

In some instances, you can create video content without being on camera. A lot of people struggle with being on camera. I strongly believe that if you can be on camera, you should. Take being on camera as a challenge. Be the best version of yourself, right? Right!

Getting Attention Through Video

  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be fit
  • Present an interesting clothing style
  • Make a script / outline with clear, simple statements (chapter markers can help)
  • Show your world / environment
  • Tell stories
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Talk to the camera like a friend is right in front of you

Of course, once you have attention, you’ll need an online strategy and website to direct users to.

Creating engaging, personal video combats threats from AI, corporations with large ad budgets, and social media algorithms. It’s the perfect weapon for solopreneurs and corporate innovators.

I see you taking the whole attention pie. Action!

The Morico Letter – 9/10/2023

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Ken Morico

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