Authority On Google. Here's How You Get It.

Dominate the Google Search Result page. Own your online real estate and demonstrate authority.

You want authority on Google - you need it for career gains, business success, and respect from your peers. Let's see what it looks like. Here's what you see when you Google me on Desktop:

Google Knowledge Graph - Desktop Search Results
Google Knowledge Graph - Desktop Search Results

You'll see my name in large letters, a short description, and profile links. This is the Google Knowledge Graph. It's like an encyclopedia entry.

Things are a little different on mobile due to space:

Google Knowledge Graph - Mobile Search Results
Google Knowledge Graph - Mobile Search Results

In both versions, you'll notice Google knows I'm a person - not a business or entity.

Also notice I own the entire real estate in the browser. No one can hijack my message when I own all the top results.

I see so many capable professionals with no online real estate. If I Google their name, 10 other people with similar names show up first. Very sad.

I have a few things that can get you noticed and owning your own Google real estate.

How to Bend Google to Your Will

  1. Create a Personal Website
  2. Optimize the Personal Website for the Google Knowledge Graph
  3. Have active social media accounts
  4. Create content - articles, newsletters, blog posts, videos
  5. Create an about page

These are some steps to get you imprinted in the digital encyclopedia. To get a full profile like mine would take the skills of a Web Developer and content strategist (like myself).

In addition to boosting your personal site content, the profile will help your other content like LinkedIn posts and YouTube videos rise in the page rankings.

Don't let others take your online space. Produce.

The Morico Letter - 2/17/2024

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Stay strong and I wish you luck in your journey.


Ken Morico

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