Grow Any Social Media Account (Without Ads)

What's a simple strategy you can implement to grow a social account without dumping money into ads?

Before you can scale a social account with ads, you need an organic growth strategy. In fact, if you want to grow on LinkedIn like I do, you can't even grow with ads, since personal profiles don't have ad products for them.

What's a simple strategy you can implement to grow a social account without dumping money into ads?

Invite other people you interact with on other platforms.

For example, once a month, I invite a few people I interact with on X / Twitter to join me on LinkedIn.

How Do I Grow a Social Following Organically?

  1. Review my mentions and replies from an existing source social media network.
  2. Find interesting people related to my niche that were eager to engage with me.
  3. Verify they have a real name and search for them on LinkedIn (or other target social network).
  4. Once I've found the account, I write a short connection request that is personalized mentioning our interactions on X / Twitter (or source social network).
  5. Score a new connection / follower!

Bonus if you can strike a back-and-forth mail conversation. This will boost your views in their feed.

You can try this with other social networks, of course.

I have around an 80% success rate with this method. It's easy to do, the connections are usually eager to accept the request, and they are impressed that you took time to personally craft an intro message.

To make this work you must be active on social media. Tools can make this easier. I use X Pro as part of the X / Twitter Blue Subscription. Tools exist for practically any platform. Reviewing replies is usually easy without tools as well.

If you would like to explore how you can use bespoke technical methods to grow a social media account, just let me know.

The Morico Letter - 4/27/2024

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