How I Write My Newsletter & Why YOU Need One

Discover the reasons why a newsletter is an essential digital marketing tool and explore a step-by-step process for crafting and distributing valuable content for your subscribers.

I've been writing my newsletter for about 11 years. Amazingly, I have some subscribers that have been reading for that entire time. Knowing that my audience is engaged and loyal gives me the encouragement to continue.

Newsletters are great for anyone because they are so easy to create and effective. People have also been more receptive to receiving them in recent years because of the improved platforms and independent journalist / creator movement.

Reasons You Need a Newsletter:

  • An audience. You don't want to lose people that interact with you in some way - via a website, LinkedIn, or social media. If you have an email list you own an asset.
  • You are helping people. How-tos, expert opinion, simple observations... it all provides value. We exist on earth to help others. Newsletters are a substantive, convenient way to help.
  • You can sell a product / service and/or raise your profile.
  • It's cheap marketing. Cost to create and distribute is near zero.
  • Create a journal - even if very few people read your newsletter, you have created a journal. It will matter to you.
  • You create a disciplined routine. Discipline improves all areas of your life.

We can see it's an essential digital marketing asset. Great.

How Do I Create My Newsletter?

  1. I keep a journal of ideas. I update this anytime via my phone or computer. I write all my ideas in a text / markdown file using IA Writer.
  2. I pick an idea I think will be helpful to my audience while bringing my personal experience to make the topic unique.
  3. I establish a template / format for my newsletter. What's in my newsletter? Content, a call-to-action, a link for sharing, my photo, signature, and social media links.
  4. I write the content in IA Writer. Time varies. Probably 2-3 hours.
  5. I add the newsletter to my email platform. Right now, I'm using Hubspot to send my newsletter. In the past, I used ConvertKit and MailChimp.
  6. I schedule the newsletter to send on a weekend. I tend to send on a weekend because people aren't busy working, they have time to read, and they are less likely to unsubscribe.

In addition, because a newsletter IS content, I also post it on my website. This helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and gives my website visitors something to read and hopefully get inspired to subscribe if they haven't yet. Of course, this is optional and not something you need to do.

Are you writing a newsletter? How has your experience been? Let me know.

The Morico Letter - 5/25/2024

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Stay strong and I wish you luck in your journey.


Ken Morico

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