Prepare the Way: Manifest a Winning January

Don't wait until January 1st for professional change. While December isn't ideal for execution, use it to prepare. Learn how to overhaul your personal brand, improve your LinkedIn presence, and start a YouTube channel. Get ready to succeed in the new year!

While I agree any meaningful change shouldn't wait until January 1st, I'll explain why January 1st does matter for certain professional changes. The most obvious one for me is that everyone is on vacation for most of December, and trying to create a professional change works best when you are "in the ring." Everyone wants to get something done in January.

For example, this year I'll be focusing on business development, and December isn't really the right time to do that. What I've done instead is prepare the way. I've done everything in preparation for January. So, in effect, I've started now, but my goal will be realized in January.

So many professional activities take real planning. With strong competition, we must be fast and thorough. If we are ethical it is especially hard since I see so many scam artists out there -- exploiting algorithm holes, exploiting human psychology, and just flat out lying.

Our personal brands matter a lot because trust is becoming more scarce. You need a strong personal brand for anything you want in life: a promotion, networking, new business, and respect from others. Technology has massively increased the need for personal brands because of the lack of trust with everything online... and AI has accelerated that even more.

I've overhauled my personal brand in preparation for January... here's some things I've done that maybe would benefit you professionally as well:

  • Overhauled my brand colors, graphics, social post templates to be more bold and clear
  • Improved my LinkedIn profile - headline, job experience, banner
  • Curated my LinkedIn feed to make it more useful and efficient
  • Added a LinkedIn Newsletter (The Essential Professional) to build authority
  • Started a new YouTube Channel (@KenMorico on YouTube) to enhance relationships
  • Re-coded all my Websites for extreme speed, mobile friendliness, and clarity in content
  • Learned new programming frameworks to build new future products (if I have the time... new baby 👶🏻 on the way!)

If you are lost on what to change for the new year, there is a fascinating Native American rite called a "vision quest" that may help. Of course, you have me in your corner, and I can be your guide for business coaching.

Are you preparing for the new year? What have you done so far?

The Morico Letter - 12/16/2023

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Stay strong and I wish you luck in your journey.


Ken Morico

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