We Are Soft. Get “Military Grade” in 5 Steps

The question: can we be ready for shocks? Or at least as ready as we can be? Can we, and our businesses, be “Military Grade”?

Are You & Your Business “Military Grade”? Can you thrive when shocks arrive? Can your business handle shutdowns like the Covid-19 pandemic? Later, I’ll outline 5 ways we can create hardness against crippling business and personal shocks.

As a group, Americans failed when Covid-19 sent a shock to our economy and personal health. Clearly, a pandemic shouldn’t have been a surprise, because they have always happened throughout history. Yet, many businesses didn’t have the cash resources to continue with even just 2 weeks of a shutdown and our obesity levels made many unnecessarily at risk.

People with poor immune systems were at risk. Yet some of the risk of a rough covid infection clearly could have been mitigated by healthy choices prior (obviously not for all of us). We could control our overall health and weight. Disease is a constant when your immune system is compromised. There are always new viruses without vaccines.

The question: can we be ready for shocks? Or at least as ready as we can be? Can we, and our businesses, be “Military Grade”? “Military grade” refers to tests developed by the U.S. Department of Defense to determine the “environmental worthiness and overall durability of material system design” of certain types of objects. Do WE demonstrate environmental worthiness? Are our systems durable?

It seems to me that people who bring a military work ethic and process to their work and personal schedules succeed where others fail. In a digital world we need to get back to basics and focus. I think so many are failing now because of digital distractions. More of us are losing grip on focus, and those that don’t are getting outsized reach / wealth / fame.

I know I’m guilty of getting distracted. That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time researching best practices to regain focus and solidify my work systems.

Here are some methods I’ve used to get “military grade”

  1. Make focus a priority. Not just a priority. The number 1 priority. Without focus nothing else matters.
  2. Become “Antifragile” – Nassim Taleb wrote a book called Antifragile that explains some things benefit from shocks, volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors. These things are called “antifragile.” They thrive and grow when exposed to these things, and they become stronger as a result. I do this with a secure financial position for my business, openness to do without, or move to better environments when times change.
  3. Learn new skills or improve existing ones. In regards to military grade, our environments are changing. In my opinion, AI changes everything. You must learn aspects of AI that affect your job.
  4. Develop a fitness / health routine – by putting workout time and meditation on my calendar I’ve been more likely to do it. If I do, I have much improved focusing abilities and achieve work objectives faster and with better quality.
  5. Leverage digital tools to achieve a focused status – use Screen Time to limit time on social media apps, use timer apps to create 25-minute pomodoro timer sprint sessions, and use time-blocking techniques to create space for all important items on your calendar.

If I am “military grade” chances are my business will be too. If you work a corporate job, and you have reports, you can harden them into an antifragile state and inspire them to focus.

If I am “military grade,” my clients, business, family, and friends all benefit during difficult times. Mission accomplished.

The Morico Letter – 6/24/2023

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Ken Morico

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