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There is still a lot of attention on social media. Social media listening is HOT. Why do some users get massive followings? Why did I follow someone?

When I speak with clients about expanding their online reach, they often think they just need to spend money on advertising to fix their reach problem.

As someone who has managed millions of dollars in advertising budget, I can say this is a mistake. Not only is it extremely expensive in 2023, but it’s easy to completely mismanage and expose you or your brand to trust issues.

Since the number of users online is growing each year [5.2 Billion according to Statista or 65% of all people on earth], your message can easily get drowned out. With AI Tools like ChatGPT, search results and ads will become less effective over time and traffic to your landing pages will dwindle (I’ll bet it already has).

There is still a lot of attention on social media. I’ve been focusing a lot lately on social media listening. Why do some users get massive followings? Why did I follow someone?

I’ve found those 2 questions were key for me.

  • Why do some users get massive followings? – for me personally, I’ve noticed people that speak about certain topics have large followings. They are generally focused on a few topics and don’t veer off too far. Mostly I find this is because people are in a mood for knowledge that someone else has. People can be like mood boards and reminders.
  • Why did I follow someone? – this is the most important question. Think back about WHY you followed someone on social media (or a website / newsletter). What were the steps? Did you see that they talked about a topic you were interested in and then you immediately followed them? Were they interacting with someone you already follow?

Back-engineer why you follow others, and you will see patterns and secrets revealed. The one secret that I kept coming back to was that I followed people I kept seeing over and over. They showed up consistently. And then eventually, if I liked their message, I followed or added them to a watch list. I rarely followed someone the first time a saw a post or their profile. It’s like dating – there are warmups before next steps.

But their messaging must be on target. It must be clear why I should follow them. When your messaging is clear, you start to see some organic traction, then you can spend money on ads to gain leverage.

Also, I follow people that interact in a human fashion. They reply to others. They don’t post too often. They aren’t overly promotional. They show up in the channels I like to be in (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email Newsletters, Etc.).

To recap:

  1. Determine you message. You bio, landing pages, and ethos must be consistent and clear to new people.
  2. Look at the people you follow on social media. Why are they popular?
  3. Why did you follow someone? THINK about it. WHY did you click the follow button?
  4. Post consistently until you see some organic growth.
  5. Leverage with ads when everything works at a small, organic scale.

Once you get into a rhythm of consistent posting, replying, and optimize your profile and landing pages, you’ll start to see green shoots. Eventually those green shoots will turn into dollar green shoots and maybe some recognition from others.

The Morico Letter – 6/10/2023

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