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Files and Notes a Mess- Clean Up w/PARA

As projects get more complicated, we end up creating more and more folders. As we work on multiple projects at a time, folders expand.

I’m always looking to be more efficient with my time and as I work on projects and create content, finding assets started to crash my flow. I often need documents and checklists to refer to when I create content – where are they? Do I find myself digging and digging, wasting time? YES!

I’m not the only one with this problem. As projects get more complicated, we end up creating more and more folders. As we work on multiple projects at a time, folders expand.

Recently, I re-launched my consulting company’s website, ETHOS DIA, and I realized to get this project done and prepare for more projects I need a better system of organization.

PARA Method - Folder Structure

PARA stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. Its purpose is to prioritize your items. Projects come and go and should be completed, so initially they are stored in the Projects folder and then moved out. Ah, that feels good. Keep projects moving. It’s sort of a Kanban method. Areas are sort of the traditional folder structure we use – Marketing folder, Accounting Folder, etc. Resources folder – this is my favorite. I often refer back to checklists, motivational themes, book notes, article notes, and more. Archives folder is obvious – items that are no longer current but you still want to hang on to.

How did I implement the PARA method? I use Apple Notes for all my notes, and I created all the PARA folders within it. For my company files located on my computer, I created all the folders. PARA method can be adapted to notes platforms and other file systems like Google Drive. It’s a mind shift.

I didn’t invent PARA – it was created by Tiago Forte and you can get the full details of PARA Method at Forte Labs.

If you’ve found this resource helpful, you can checkout my other productivity resources at

The Morico Letter – 8/5/2023

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Ken Morico

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Published: 08/05/2023