Revolutionizing Business with AI: A Consultant’s Insights

There is technology that threatens to remove many people from the workforce, and yet, there is so much possibility.

AI is here and it’s the greatest change for business since the dot-com era. There are many parallels with that time and now – the economy is in a bubble, there is technology that threatens to remove many people from the workforce, and yet, there is so much possibility – so many new and exciting businesses that will be formed and life will change for all of us.

The greatest immediate change I see is the ability for AI to give us turbo speed. AI will give us extra team members. We can have researchers, creative copywriters, and artists on staff 24/7/365. We can be better consultants, better manufacturers, better Real Estate agents, better everything.

A lot of the technology right now is free to preview, but the elephant in the room is how much it will cost. Maybe a high cost will be good… for people…

For me, I’ll experiment with AI \ Chat GPT and Dall-E 2 and use it to help my clients and produce MORE. Follow along on my socials and let’s experiment together. Strength in numbers!

Tactical Quick Tips

  • You can use Facebook like LinkedIn for professional networking. Create a Facebook Page with your name and follow other pages of people in your industry. You’ll have a new dedicated feed and won’t intermingle your personal and business Facebook Content.
  • Fear can ruin your drive and hinder your ability to accomplish tasks. “I Don’t negotiate with myself” Tony Robbins says. Listen to this podcast episode where Tony explains the secrets to focus and power through difficult situations. The best Tony Robbins episode I’ve listened to.

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The Morico Letter – 1/12/2023

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