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CONVOFIRE IS IN DEVELOPMENT AND WILL BE RELAUCHED. Subscribe to The Morico Letter for launch timing. Convofire by Ken Morico is a simple, new social media follower tool that qualifies users based on normal social media behaviors. Filter out noise and focus on following quality users / influencers in your niche. Interact with users likely to reply to you and boost your social ranking and reach.

ConvoFire Benefits

  • Identify relevant users from Twitter that demonstrate real usage behaviors
  • Save time by interacting with users likely to reply
  • Compare yourself to other brands and competitors in your niche
  • Network with well-connected, active trend-setters
  • Identify & target influencers to expand your marketing reach using free, organic methods that can expand to paid programs at a later date
  • Leverage the ConvoFire influencer platform capabilities to help identify and score / rank Influencers to assist in creating campaigns
  • Simple, fast web-based interface that makes scanning users / influencers simple and fun