Creating w/ Meta Threads – The Writing Method

Threads, the new social platform by Meta launched - is it a Twitter clone? Here’s what matters (bonus I’ll show you a time-tested writing method).

So Threads, the new social media platform by Meta / Facebook launched and it may seem like a Twitter clone — but here’s what matters (bonus I’ll show you a time-tested writing method).

Text-focused Platform

500 Characters per post – more than the 280 of a typical tweet. When I write Tweets, I often find that 280 characters isn’t enough… I always seem to want just a few more.

Thread Creation

Like Twitter, you can create threads, or a series of posts connected through replies by you. They can be addictive to read and force you to think as a storyteller.

Beautiful Photos

I’ve noticed a few people comment how beautiful photos look on the platform. It’s not only the camera that matters when taking pictures, it’s how the social platform compresses the images and the number of colors they can display.


It’s super-easy to use Meta Threads because it’s a limited platform at this time. Honestly, it looks like something some hackers put together over a weekend, but it’s a little refreshing to use a tool with just a few options.

Since Meta Threads doesn’t really offer anything unique from a social media platform / tool perspective we can approach it with existing proven methods.

Key Meta Threads To-Dos

  • If you’re not signed up – do it now. You want to claim your username. Also, since it’s new, it’s easier to build a following since there are fewer users to compete with.
  • Use the app’s tool to import your Instagram bio. Your Instagram profile should be optimized, so just bring it over. You want your message to be clear and consistent across platforms – new or not.
  • You can’t post via desktop / laptop computer and there are no scheduling tools. Bummer. Prepare your posts via a Word Processor that syncs with your phone and copy/paste from the phone. I use IA Writer and the speedy Markdown writing method.
  • Unlike Instagram, you can include links. Provide value in your posts and then end them with a CTA to your Website.

Writing Methods

There are a few styles in text-based social media networks:

  • Punchy single idea standalone posts
  • Threads (multiple posts interconnected with replies)
  • Single or multi posts with an added intro image

I like threads because of how flexible they are. It’s easy to provide value and utilize the space to fill out an idea.

Here’s a thread template I like:

  1. Start with a stat or enticing intro. Add hashtags if appropriate. Add a notice and an emoji down arrow indicating there is more in the thread.
  2. Demonstrate your knowledge and provide value in post.
  3. Demonstrate your knowledge and provide value in post.
  4. Demonstrate your knowledge and provide value in post.
  5. Demonstrate your knowledge and provide value in post.
  6. Add the call to action… something like want more? Go to or If you want me / us to do this for you, sign up at

You can study writing hooks and open loop writing to further grasp how to entice readers and keep them reading the whole thread.

For marketing, one writing method is AIDA.

The AIDA model is a marketing model that describes the steps a customer takes in the buying process. The acronym AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

  • Attention: The first step is to get the customer’s attention. This can be done through a variety of means, such as using eye-catching visuals, creating a sense of urgency, or offering a free trial.
  • Interest: Once you have the customer’s attention, you need to generate interest in your product or service. This can be done by providing information about the benefits of your product, telling stories, or using humor.
  • Desire: Once the customer is interested, you need to create a desire for your product or service. This can be done by highlighting the features and benefits of your product, showing how it can solve the customer’s problems, or creating a sense of scarcity.
  • Action: The final step is to convince the customer to take action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a free trial, or downloading an app. This can be done by providing a clear call to action, making it easy for the customer to take action, or offering incentives.

The AIDA model is a simple but effective way to help you understand the buying process and create marketing messages that are more likely to convert customers.

Here are some examples of how the AIDA model can be used in marketing and therefore morphed into threads:

  • A clothing company might use a striking image of a model wearing their latest fashions to get attention.
  • A software company might offer a free trial of their product to generate interest in their solution.
  • A car dealership might highlight the features and benefits of their latest models to create desire.
  • A travel agency might offer a limited-time discount to encourage customers to book a vacation.

The AIDA model is a powerful tool that can help you to increase sales and conversions, and when combined with the effectiveness of threads, can make social media ROI positive.

Featured Images Still Work

Don’t downplay the importance of a featured image for a thread. It was revealed images do help boost posts for the Twitter algorithm and I suspect it’s the same for Meta Threads. I’m currently using Adobe Express for graphic creation and photo acquisition (along with

I often don’t have time to integrate photos in my posts, but I do find tools like Adobe Express with AI image generation can create some stunning photos based on exactly what I describe. See this tweet thread with an AI-generated image I made.


I love the punchiness of threads and look forward to using Meta Threads. I feel threads combine bullet ideas that our short attention spans desire, but with volume that satisfies our deeper yearning for more substance.

I wrote more on Twitter Threads in this blog post… most of it is applicable to Meta Threads.

I’ll have more resources on threads in the future… stay subscribed!

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